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Privacy Policy

Seeds Cash takes care of the privacy of all the personal data that is collected from each customer. The customer will find out how private information is applied by the SeedsCash company in this section.

In the Privacy Policy, you will find out which personal information the company should be provided with and how we are going to collect this data. The information about how your data is used and where it is sent is also disclosed here.

The website serves the area of the United States and the company’s policy conforms to the U.S. legislation.

Security of the Personal Data

All personal information which is registered with customer’s account is conserved in a high-security area and is not accessible to the third party except some cases mentioned below. Personal data is safely protected from the most sophisticated and complicated hackers’ tricks and scammers’ manipulations.

Personal data is available to SeedsCash representatives who observe customers’ privacy according to the company’s policy and who are held liable for any operations made with the information. Seeds Cash representatives use customers’ personal data in order to conduct operations needed to serve the loan request.

The financial data which is specified in the customer’s application is transferred to the direct lenders cooperating with the Seeds Cash company. The information is sent in a secure way and is protected and encrypted with SSL.

The client is the only party which is capable to publicize login details to the third party as well as to provide access to the personal computer or any other device allowing third parties to discover personal information concerning the online loan request via The client is completely responsible for the result of these actions.

Data Collection

The customer is provided with technical information in order to get along with the operations which are conducted on the For that Web Beacon Technology and Cookies are provided.

Web Beacon Technology is a software that gathers unique client’s information and statistics stored on the web page database to create customized images. Specified images, ads, and links are modified using information about what customer is interested in and how the customer behaves.

Cookies are used by the site and collect certain information from the customer’s browser when the customer visits the SeedsCash website. This soft helps the company’s staff to track which pages of the website the customer visits more often and which information is mostly required in order to customize the work of the website.

All types of data registered with an account are considered as Personal Information. They are:

  • client’s real name and birth date;
  • address;
  • all kinds of contact details (telephone numbers, e-mail, skype);
  • bank account and credit card details;
  • social security number.

Children under 13 years are not considered as consumers of the service and all information provided by this group of people will be removed immediately.

Using the Personal Data

All personal data is collected in order to provide better service and to completely meet consumers’ needs. Personal details are sent to partners of the Seeds Cash company providing lending opportunities. Deals with the customers’ administration, technical issues, and disputes resolution may be also conducted with the use of the client’s personal information. The personal information will never be used to meet the needs which are not connected to the provided service.

Personal data may be used to create an advertisement and to drive it to the customer. Advertisement concerns goods and services the customer is interested in.

Existing legislation complies in any of such cases: litigation, subpoenas and warranty issues or in case of consumer rights violation.

Personal Data Distribution

Seeds Cash cooperates with some third-parties which provide a certain range of service. Seeds Cash reserves the right to transmit the client’s personal information to the third party in order to deliver the service to the consumer. Companies conducting marketing activity, consumer reporting agencies and associated institutions being a partner of the Seeds Cash company are considered to be the third-parties.

Cooperating lenders of personal loans online, affiliates and assignees may also get customer’s data in cases of special need.

Changes in the Privacy Policy reserves the right to change the privacy policy items at any time and without notifying a customer.